After living in Alaska for 43 years and raising our son and daughter, my wife and I decided to move to an area where there was sunshine and warm weather. We visited some friends in Oro Valley and immediately fell in love with the area, the landscape, the community, and the people.

My mission to one day become a coffee micro-roaster started early from my career working in the oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska where coffee was the quintessential product of working in the dark frigid temperatures that the Arctic unmercifully delivered. My first, direct experience with coffee roasting came from a dear friend of mine back in 2005 who owned a small roastery in North Pole, Alaska. I was out of work at the time and he asked me if I would be willing to help him during the busy Christmas holiday season. Of course, I jumped at the chance and was roasting coffee myself soon after. My love for the roasting and blending process was immediately ingrained in me.

Since my first day roasting coffee I’ve pursued the studies and attended roasting seminars around the country to fully understand the art of coffee roasting and we decided to start our business in Oro Valley AZ. Our goal as Oro Valley Coffee Roasting Company is to provide the best coffee beans from around the world with blends and roasts to satisfy the tastes pallets of fellow coffee lovers.

Owner/Master Roaster

Dave Bezona